Sunday, May 27, 2007

Session 108 - Vanilla Walk

This week we were supposed to just do the blocking (certain poses but not the whole, smooth animation) for a 'vanilla' walk. A vanilla walk is just a plain old ordinary walk without much character or personality. I ended up getting this done pretty quickly so on Wednesday during the Q/A i asked Elliot and he said it was cool for us to go ahead and finish the walk out and make it smooth. So i did. We also had a pose this week which was supposed to convey 'strength'. I came up with a rather fun idea for this one, which i'm quite proud of! Here are my sketches, followed by the pose, then the walk stuff.

Strength Sketches:

Final Strength Pose:

Walk Planning Sketches:

Final Walk Animation:

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Session 107 - Tailor

This week's assignment gave us the choice between making one-leg (a one-legged ball type dude) or tailor (seen below) do some jumping stuff. The tailor assignment was the more difficult of the two, so i chose that one. I came up with a few ideas and started working on one, but then on Wednesday Elliot told us to try and push ourselves to make this one really interesting and to give tailor some character so i decided to switch ideas to a different one that had a greater focus on tailor as a character. so here are my rough sketches of the idea and then the final animation!!

Planning Sketches:

Final Tailor Animation:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Session 106 - Pendulum

For this week's assignment we were supposed to take this pendulum thing and make the block move around some how, then have the sort of "chain" thing on the bottom move realistically as if it were just hanging from the bottom of it. The point of this was so we could work with having different movements built on top of each other in order to get the chain to move right. Here is my planning sketch that i did for the basic movement of the block:

Pendulum Sketch:

And here is the animation!

Final Pendulum Animation:

Monday, May 7, 2007

Session 105 - Revision

Hey all! I got some notes from Elliot on my squash and stretch animation from session 105, so I made a few changes. Here they are! i think the ball looks a lot more alive now!

Squash/Stretch Revision:

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Session 105 - Squash and Stretch

Hey all! This week we added squash and stretch to the ball bounce, as well as an obstacle course to play around with. I had fun with this one, cuz I love the whole squash and stretch thing. Poses are back too! The theme for the poses was 'devastation'. I only actually posed out two of the sketches i did this week because i needed to spend a bit more time on the animation, rather than doing a bajillion poses. Of the two i did, one is a serious attempt at doing what they want for the assignment, and the other i just thought would be funny. See if you can figure out which is which! So, here's the stuff:

Final Squash/Stretch Animation:

It doesn't quite settle perfectly at the end but i feel like that is okay. i would rather have the motion look as best i can get it than rush the movement to make it settle.

Devastation Sketches:

Final Pose:

Destroy the City Pose:

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