Sunday, May 6, 2007

Session 105 - Squash and Stretch

Hey all! This week we added squash and stretch to the ball bounce, as well as an obstacle course to play around with. I had fun with this one, cuz I love the whole squash and stretch thing. Poses are back too! The theme for the poses was 'devastation'. I only actually posed out two of the sketches i did this week because i needed to spend a bit more time on the animation, rather than doing a bajillion poses. Of the two i did, one is a serious attempt at doing what they want for the assignment, and the other i just thought would be funny. See if you can figure out which is which! So, here's the stuff:

Final Squash/Stretch Animation:

It doesn't quite settle perfectly at the end but i feel like that is okay. i would rather have the motion look as best i can get it than rush the movement to make it settle.

Devastation Sketches:

Final Pose:

Destroy the City Pose:

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