Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Session 404 - Monologue Revised

Here is my (mostly) final monologue shot! I'm going to make a couple more tweaks and add some scenery and maybe a hat or something before the end of the class, but right now i've moved on to my 2-person dialogue shot so the rest of the stuff for this one will have to wait. I think this shot has progressed a ton since last class, and i'm pretty happy with it. Enjoy!

Class 4 Monologue -


Jason said...

the facial expressions and body movement are incredible. it's SO GOOD!!!

can't wait to see a pixar film with your work in it!

go go go!

Mike said...

Eric's blog is alive!

Very very nice. Let him roar again.

Heather said...

Hey Eric,
these look fantastic! I'm excited to hear that animation mentor has helped you this much. and to answer your question, I will be starting summer session 08. :O)

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